How do you turn strangers into customers, and customers into advocates for your business or nonprofit?




You have a great idea but small businesses and nonprofits must develop patrons to be successful. Patron – someone who supports or champions something, a frequent customer or supporter.



Quaff Works is your guide to creating simple no-hassle, low-cost apparel promotions with zero inventory and low setup costs — that turn strangers into customers and customers into advocates.



Imagine seeing your patrons wearing your promotional t-shirts in your community. Patrons want to support your business/nonprofit, give them a better reason and make it easy for them to do that more often.

Quaff Works offers an Easy 3-Step Promotions system to help you attract new business and turn them into regular customers.

A Quaff Works promotion turns the simplicity of a t-shirt into walking billboard for your business/nonprofit and a wearable coupon for patrons.

Easy 3-Step Promotions



  • Quaff Works (QW) will work with you to design a unique tee shirt based on your current branding logo, images, text and other information.

  • After your design is created, QW will upload the design to the Amazon online marketplace — ready for your customers and supporters to purchase.

  • You can choose up to ten colors for your shirts from the 21 colors available.

  • QW will then provide you with a unique and private web address (URL) and QR-code (QRC) graphic that you can use in your marketing campaigns.

  • You and your customers can scan the QR-Code, click the unique URL web address or touch the graphic from a smartphone provided by QW. This can be a private or public link that will launch you to your shirt or brand (many shirts) shirt on Amazon. This is easy, secure, no-hassle and with zero inventory for you.

  • The sample QR-Code to the right can be access using a QRC scan, click on desktop browsers or a touch on any smartphone. Try it!

STEP 2 - Promotion

  • Now, you are ready to announce your shirt and special promotion discounts to the world through your established (or new) marketing using on-location, print, email or social media.

  • Special benefits can include: (for example) percent discounts on a purchase, fixed discounts such as $20 off purchases of $100 or more, buy three get one free. You could have tee shirt promotions for every Tuesday or a specific weekend. Promotions are limited only by your imagination.

STEP 3 - Success

  • Now, new and repeat patrons can purchase your shirts online. You have no-hassle with set-up, sales, or unnecessary inventory. With Amazon Prime, shipping to their home is free to your customers. Did you know: 70% of American households have or have access to an Amazon Prime account.

  • Customers wear their tee shirt with your design into your shop (where or whatever that may be) to receive your advertised discounts and benefits.

  • New and established patrons in your community gain the satisfaction of promoting your business by wearing your shirt around town and when they wear them into your business place they receive the special discounts you have announced in your promotion.

  • Patrons return to do business with you wearing your shirt to continue receiving the special benefits. The incentive is that they must be wearing your shirt when they come in to receive the discounts you have promoted.

  • Others in the community see your business tee shirt on friends and acquaintances, establishing instant validation and a silent but positive testimony.


  • Your Quaff Works system is now setup. Simply repeat Step 2 (PROMOTION) to get more of Step 3 (SUCCESS).


Quaff Works brand marketing strategy is win-win for your business & your customers/supporters.

Walking Advertisements
Everyone wears tee shirts. It’s that simple. When you choose to put your brand on a tee shirt, and that person wears that tee shirt outside of their house, any interaction they get becomes an impression. His/her shirt now becomes a walking advertisement for your brand that has spread to new places and new people you didn’t even know you could reach. Those who wear the shirt become a brand ambassador for you. And the best part? All that advertising is now free and carries a personal validation from that person to those they meet.

Conversation Starter
While everyone loves a basic tee, there are several ways to even go beyond that with your Quaff Works brand marketing strategy. If you have your brand on a simple or stylish piece of apparel, that could easily spark up conversation among the peers of your brand ambassador.

Check out the Quaff Works Print-On-Demand program for staff & event apparel and no-hassle retail.

Your Business Benefits

  • Low set-up costs

  • Flexible marketing and promotion options

  • Increase patron traffic and sales

  • Increased patron loyalty

  • Increase community awareness of your business as your shirts are worn by patrons

Your Customers Benefits

  • Low cost, one-time investment for long-term, repeated discounts

  • Pleasure in supporting and promoting your business


When you implement a Quaff Works 3-Step Promotions marketing strategy there is a $100 set-up fee ($50 for nonprofits), plus $15 for a sample promotion shirt. You will receive a royalty for each shirt sold. After only 20 shirts have been purchased as part of your promotion, you will have 20 people in your community wearing your business/nonprofit on their shirt. You set the cost of the promotional shirt — essentially the campaign can pay for itself (20 shirts @$5/royalty = $100 set-up fee). Plus for each additional promotional shirt sold you will continue to receive a royalty. Let's get started!