Frequently Asked Questions

Question — What promotions does Quaff Works provide for businesses? 

Answer — Quaff Works uses a simple, easy 4-step program that can help a small business attract new customers and create a loyal, repeat customer base.


Question — What is Print-On-Demand?

Answer — The Quaff Works print-on-demand program allows businesses, individuals and groups (such as school programs, churches, non-profit organizations, event planners) to print a few apparel products as needed. The advantage is that you, or your customers, can order one shirt or many, there is no need to keep any inventory, just order what you need, when you need it. We can use your design or help create a design for you. You do not need to consider how many of the shirts in keep in inventory (many sizes, colors, types), ordering process, inventory theft or other pains of tradition tee shirt printing.

Question — What does quaff mean?

Answer — The dictionary definition of quaff “to drink something in a hearty manner or deeply with a lot of enjoyment”. That is our attitude toward business and life. Drink it in, enjoy it with everything you have!