Print On Demand

Inventory Zero is a Print-On-Demand system that allows you to print only the apparel you need, when you need. There many benefits of a Print-On-Demand program for a businesses of all sizes, non-profit organization or events coordinator. Quaff Works can work with you to set up a program that will guide you through the process. 

Benefits you should consider...

Staff & Event Shirts

Inventory Zero Do you need tee shirts (also slim-fit tees, long sleeves, sweatshirts or hoodies) for your staff or special events. Use Quaff Works print-on-demand to quickly order just the sizes, colors and number that you need, when you need it.

Multiple Designs

Using traditional tee shirt printing methods you will need to keep an inventory for each design — and that costs a lot upfront and ties up your working capital. With the Quaff Works Inventory Zero system, you can have many designs with only a small set up cost, without all the massive inventory hassles and costs.

No Hassle Retail

Imagine this… you have a thriving business that your customers love and want to support. You want to offer tee shirts for sale to those that have taken the time to spend their time and money with you. You could contract with a local print shop, but that will be expensive and require keeping a lot of inventory plus the there are the up-front costs. So, just how many XS or XXXL shirts will you really need? And if you run out of a popular shirt design and style, that is a lost opportunity. Instead, use the Quaff Works print-on-demand program.

With Quaff Works Inventory Zero program you can only have to keep a sample of each shirt design available. Customers that want a shirt of a particular design they like simply uses their smartphone to scan the QR code you've made available. That directs them to a private Amazon web page offering only that shirt in the colors and sizes they want. If they have an Amazon account — research has shown that 70% of American households have access to an Amazon Prime account — they can purchase the shirt without having to enter any additional credit card information or a shipping address. And, their shirt is ordered and mailed to their house without requiring any additional work on your part. Plus, Quaff Works will send you a royalty payment at the end of the month.

And if someone wants to return a shirt, Amazon handles that too!